Angels  come in all shapes and sizes, it has been written that one should not forget to be kind to strangers, for thereby, some have entertained angels unaware.

Gardens Of Innocence Series                   A Collection Of Renaissance-Influenced Angel Paintings By Donna Richardson.

 In The Garden The sweet, innocent eyes of the Angel Of Hope seem to follow the viewer reminding us there truly  are angels around watching over us all.


An Angel's T
ouch As the Angel Of Charity feeds and comforts a tiny bird, she reminds us that as we give unto the least of these, we give unto to Christ Himself.


Sweet Song Of
An Angel
The Angel Of Joy lifts her song of praise. May she be a beautiful reminder of the awesome joy that fills our hearts when we worship in song.


Consider The Lilies

The Angel Of Faith reminds us of the comforting  words from Jesus that tell us not to worry about anything, He will see to our needs. This print is truly a celebration of faith.







Wings OfHeaven The Angel Of Grace reminds us of the wondrous gift of God's saving grace. May she be a comforting reminder of His great love and tender mercy.



Whispers Of  Love

The Angel Of Serenity is a gentle reminder of the peace of God that passeth all understanding that can fill hearts and minds.


An Angel's Prayer

The Angel Of Peace offers a prayer that God will fill us with joy and peace and that we may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Glory Of The Morning

The Angel Of Patience waits by the gate with the good news that God is near to guide and comfort us through our journey of life, there will be joy in the morning!


Each 16 x 19  image above  includes the decorative border
Open Edition . . . . . . . . . . . ea. $30                    Artist Proof *   (ltd. to 25) . . .ea. $250
Signed & No. (ltd. to 975) .ea. $125                    *Features delicate hand-painted butterfly remarque

Blessings From Above
The Angel Of  Harmony celebrates the earth angels we meet every day who bring joy and unity to our lives. People like this are truly blessings from above.


A Tender Heart

The Angel Of Compassion celebrates those who reach out to others in need, who speak out for those with no voice and have concern for even the smallest of God's creatures.

Sweet Heavenly Spirit

The Angel Of Kindness celebrates the considerate and generous people who take time to be the hands of Jesus. Large or small, every act of kindness can bless another.


Behold The Lamb

The Angel Of Love celebrates the gift of Jesus Christ to this world and honors those with sacrificial hearts who give of their time, talents and gifts to make this world a better place.

    Each12 x 12 Image above includes the decorative border
Open Edition . . . . . . . . . . . . ea. $18                     Artist Proof *  (ltd. to 25) . . ea.$150
Signed & No. (ltd. to 975) . .ea. $75                    *Features delicate hand-painted butterfly remarque
The "Tender Gatekeepers" Series
Each of these angels wears a key... a key symbolizing one of life's great treasures.

Included with each print is a beautiful poem, suitable for framing, by noted writer Bee Ewing.

Love Is The Key
Wearing The Key Of Love

 With a tender expression that speaks volumes about the love of heaven, a sweet angel offers you the gift of a golden key. A master key that symbolizes endless love...a key that unlocks the door to boundless hope and happiness on the earth.

16 x 19 Image includes marble border
Open Edition
. . . . . . ea.$30               Artist Proof* (ltd. to 25) . . . ea.$250
Signed & No.
(ltd. to 975) . . .ea.$125      *Features hand-painted butterfly remarque


In Awesome Wonder

Wearing The Key         Of Wonder 
This little angel reflects on the beauty of the world around him as he realizes there is nothing so wondrous as the depth of God's love.

The Gift Of Love
Wearing The Key Of Joy
This print celebrates the joy of a child's love. What mother has not been blessed with little bouquets or other small treasurers that tenderly say "I Love You".

Each 12 x 12 Image includes marble border
Open Edition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ea. $18     Artist Proof *  (ltd. to 15) . . . . . ea.$150

Signed & No. (ltd. to 975) . . . .ea. $75 
     *Features delicate hand-painted butterfly remarque